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♥Twin Cat Adopted♥ Cats Home Vlog Ep1

My mission is to get more attention of saving strays and abandon cats. Now i have 2 twins age 4 weeks. I have made this program called *Cats Home* and also have setup a vlogs. I would appreciate if all could support them.
Here the 2 twins Pochi & Mochi. I hope I can make this program grow into bigger care centre for saving more cats!

*i was a gamer..i know how to record video games not a vlogs BUT i will learn how to record a good video for cats vlogs from now on. Please support by likes subscribe and comment.

*We don’t request money. We only want support from subscribers like and comment in our vlogs cat videos because that is enough for helping them.

Welcome to our family Pochi and Mochi, so for the first time we will do everything together from now on.

POCHI – White, 4 weeks, Male

MOCHI – White with a little grey, 4 weeks, Female

For the record Pochi and Mochi is adopted on 15 July 2018. From now they will join the program under gaming noob called *Cats Home* and will appear in vlog as much as they can. They also will become first ambassador of this YouTube gaming noob channel as they are the first twin join gaming noob program *Cats Home*.(for now they will stay in the gaming noob playlist as Cats Home Vlogs Program until they strong enough to go out there) *For the first day arrive we need to put them in cage so they don’t run wildly and hurt them self. Help support them by subscribes,like and comment below. The *Cats Home* program need your support to be a bigger shelter for abandon and strays cats and that by subscribes likes and comment.




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