maxresdefaultBlack Desert Mobile – Black Desert Mobile is a 3D MMORPG set in a relentless world where you get to create your own character by choosing between more than a dozen different classes. Warrior, dark knight, sorceress, ninja, witch, explorer … you’ll find a type of character for everyone. more at-


Seven-Knights-2-feature-imageSeven Knights 2 – the sequel to Netmarble’s top-grossing mobile game Seven Knights has a teaser site with few trailer video available on it now. The first 2 characters confirmed for Seven Knights 2 are Rudy(tank character) and Eileene (melee character). more –

Netmarble releases Seven Knights 2 trailer featuring Rudy and Eileene


maxresdefault (1)Sword Art Online : Integral Factor – here newest Sword Art Online game!
This time, the protagonist is…you!
You appear in this online RPG as a member of an Assault Team, working with other imprisoned players to reach the 100th floor of Aincrad! more at –


wdn_1000x523World of Dragon Nest – World of Dragon Nest is not your average Dragon Nest game on PC. This time the game will be on mobile! During the premier of the Dragon Nest movie, Warrior’s Dawn in South Korea, Eyedentity has announced a new tittle that is currently in development. Instead of being a PC MMORPG, it is going to be a mobile MMORPG with an open-world concept instead of just dungeons or raiding. The game will be published by Nexon and we have yet to get more info on the game. more at –

World of Dragon Nest MMORPG Announced!


maxresdefault (2)Tera M – Netmarble held a media showcase event earlier today for its upcoming mobile MMORPG, TERA M. Based on the popular PC online game by Bluehole, Netmarble  did not shy away from emphasizing TERA M is focused on the holy trinity (DPS, tank, healer) concept, challenging players to find the right combination for different situations as there are no healing potions for combat support. More at –

TERA M – Netmarble reveals launch schedule for mobile MMORPG



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